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Natural Childbirth Empowerment Class

Want to know how to support a mother in labor? How labor and birth work? What the different options are? How to make the process more easeful? Or interested in becoming a birth worker?


Offered online & in person

This childbirth class focuses on the natural mechanisms and spirituality of labor and birth. Each one is uniquely designed to match the client's vision, and is oriented around the client's specific questions. These classes are open to the full spectrum of people; from simply wanting to know more about how birth works to people expecting consecutive children.

In this class we will cover:

Creating a family alter, pregnancy comforts & questions, optimal fetal positioning, anatomy, physiology, emotional processing & transitions, nutrition, spiritual wellness, clinical language, preparing for birth, cervical and hormonal changes, setting boundaries, informed consent, the stages of labor and birth, labor coping techniques and support tools & thriving in the postpartum (the first 40 days).

Included with the class is the Prenatal, Birth and Postpartum Empowerment Guide (a collection of 50+ informational PDFs). These cover numerous topics including resources, health and safety information helpful tips, yoga, Ayurveda, Mayan abdominal massage, thriving in the postpartum & MORE!

The class is about 2 hours long; space for questions and discussion is provided.

Group Sessions: $111 per person/ $180 per couple

Private Sessions: $300 

PRIVATE & sliding scale classes ARE available,

please inquire for more information:

I look forward to sharing & learning with you!

To reserve your class or ask questions please fill out the request form below!


To reserve your Class & Receive The Prenatal, Birth and Postpartum Empowerment Guide

Client Testimonials

Thank you for the wonderful childbirth information. As I prepare for a natural labor and delivery, I feel more confident that my body will know exactly what to do. During the class, I loved the one on one inquiry about my birth goals. Some of the questions you asked I had not considered aloud and it was nice to verbalize my plan. The handout information was so helpful! Thank you for the awesome visuals. You were holistic, knowledgeable and relatable. I appreciate your patience with my technical difficulties. I feel like I can do the delivery natural and can't wait to send you pictures of my new baby!


expecting her third child

I felt so welcomed by the mangoes and snacks properly assorted on the table, the soft music playing in the background and Jahai (Oni's son) jumping in his jumper. Oni‘s class was very informative. We weren’t too sure what to expect going into it because it was our first birthing and prenatal class that we had been to. Her PowerPoint presentation was very knowledgeable and understanding to people not experienced in birth work. We felt a sense of ease with her gentle instruction and advice. She made me feel as if I was in control of my birthing experience and wasn’t too pushy on any of her knowledge. She was very welcoming to our birth plan and establishing that there is no wrong way to experience birth. She was very understanding and open to my partners experience as well making him feel included in the conversation and establishing that it was his experience as well. Her partner also gave some necessary advice which was the cherry on top. We highly recommend any new coming moms to her class as well as her doula expertise.


expecting her first child

My husband and I took the childbirthing class. Things we liked about the course:

Oni was open, honest and friendly without being biases. She was open to answering any of my questions without judgement. Honestly, seeing her be a mother was refreshing and a very beautiful sight to see. Oni did a great job even providing insight for my husband. 

Her energy was the best part. Very positive and open, she did not once push her thoughts on me. 




planning on conceiving

I had the pleasure of taking Oni’s childbirth class when I was 8 months pregnant. I am so thankful for the session because it was both timely and productive. She presented the material beautifully, both visually and spiritually which allowed me to really engage with the information and feel affirmed. One of my favorite takeaways is my newfound knowledge of womb anatomy. This specific information gave me confidence to go into labor with a deeper innerstanding of what will happen with my body during that process. Thank you Oni for supporting us to feel more empowered during childbirth!


expecting her first child

Best Holistic Natural Childbirth Education Class Ever! I highly recommend this class to every one whether you are young or old, birthing person or non birthing person, every single person should be educated and aware of the process of pregnancy, birth and postpartum from a holistic perspective and that is exactly what Mama Oni gives you in this class. I love that it is individualized, most classes are more generalized. Mama Oni knows her stuff ya'll, she is a mentor and peer to me and I was overjoyed to take her class. She is the sweetest and most caring person that I know and I feel like that is important because when you interact with her she is fully invested in your experience and wants to hear all about it. She really makes you feel heard and important. She will even tell you her epic birth story, which I always love hearing because it is truly inspiring and I share parts of it with my clients to empower them to make their own decisions around their birth experience. I could write this review forever so I will end it by saying: take advantage of this wonderful opportunity that Mama Oni is sharing with all of us, you won't regret it!


midwifery student


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